Shameaca Moore


You’re the last block before home.

dry heaving

You’re an unwrapped sweet.

that wished it wasn’t

You’re an apology.

that wished it hadn’t

You’re a wish.

worth watching for

You’re a proverb.

worth listening to

You’re a prayer at bartime.

“Please God

make it come up

everything I put in

let it all come back up”


Meaca Moore is has been writing as survival since 12 and performing since 16. At 17 she journeyed to the University of Wisconsin- Madison for the First Wave, the only urban arts scholarship of its kind. Since then, she’s had the privilege to travel the country sharing her poetry. Meaca also enjoys, including the 2012 Rustbelt regional slam where she placed 1st in individuals. Her focus is around the impoverished, educated, black girl experience, specifically the one she knows most about, her own.