About WusGood?

Upon researching & finding no positive definition of an Urban/Ghetto/Hood environment, we have decided to define it on our own:

Urban/Ghetto/Hood: an environment or people (often yet not always black) influenced by oppressive circumstances thus creating alternate survival practices to combat oppression – often producing culturally creative language, music, art, and performances that empower its population while often terrifying outsiders.  Urban/Ghetto/Hood works aim to heal, celebrate, encourage reflection,  call out, clap back, over come, & prove skill.

Mission Statement(s)

Wusgood Mag seeks to ask/answer questions within urban conversations.

Wusgood Mag seeks to show & tell experiences seen as Ghetto or Hood in the mainstream, but are everyday encounters for the artists.

Wusgood Mag seeks artists who aren’t visible in the mainstream, urban artists, & artists who desire to find a home that refuse to entertain cultural or artistic appropriation.

Vision Statement

Wusgood Mag’s vision is to develop a longstanding sustainable space for underserviced urban artists to have their work published and shared publically.  Beginning digitally, Wusgood hopes to grow into an online & print magazine that pays contributors and staff.



INFO CONTACT -Email: brittany@wusgood.black