Siaara Freeman

Siaara Freeman

is a friendly neighborhood hope dealer. She writes poems & performs them & publishes them.

She has been published in literary journals (Elementz Review, Chicago Lit Review, TinderBox, UpTheStaircaseQuaterly, Texas Borderland Review, Rats’ Ass Review, FreezeRay… etc).

She’s been on helly slam squads and even has coached a few.


She has made list of poets & tweeters & thrifters to watch! & has been interviewed by For Harriet on poetry as self care. She was nominated by UpTheStairCaseQuaterly for Best New Poet 2016. She is a Pushcart Prize Nominated Poet with 3 self published book, a Rinky Dink publication named Urban Girl Bonds, and a forthcoming Selfie-Chapbook from HMO Publishing

She tries to feed people, including herself off this alone. She is a Slytherin & the current Lake Erie Siren.

Connoisseur of Clap-back & Guilty Pleasures. I heard, she is growing her Afro so tall God mistakes it for a mic & speaks into her.

Amber Flame
Music Editor/Co Essay Editor/Jr Poetry Editor/Jr Editor @ Large

Amber Flame

is a honey-beige black unicorn. Does all the things. Queer, here, still ain’t used to it but stays breathing. Works as TheHand‬ of This Week in Blackness and other hustles. Regular dandyfemme/prettyboi except when incognegro.




Vice President



Justin Rogers

is a Black poet, educator, coach, editor and Best of the Net Nominee from the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Rogers is an advocate for literacy among inner-city youth, and the amplification of Black voices. Still performing around the Mid-West and teaching poetry with InsideOut Literary Arts, Rogers actively shares poems surrounding living and growing as a Black man in America. Rogers most recently has work published or forthcoming in APIARY Magazine, Mobius Magazine,Radius Poetry, Gramma Press, Public Pool & Tinderbox Poetry.

Justin is a black husband & father of two from Detroit. He wants to see urban writers telling hood parables that scare white people. Justin teaches poems; he praises God they pay him for that, has publications performed nation-wide & wonders who ever taught him accolades have value in real life.

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Social Media and Marketing Manager


Faith and preservation of identity play a large role in Mathias’s work.

He’s the middle child of a single parent household that was always the awkward nerd of the group.

These concepts are weaved into his pieces and play a large part in his stage identity as well.

The most import things to his art are God and family and how each play a pivotal role in keep the person grounded.



Caira Lee
Jr Poetry Editor/Jr Essay Editor/Jr Editor @ Large

Caira Lee

is a 22 year-old writer from Baltimore, MD. After classmates voted her “Most Likely to Change the World” in high school, she went on to become Ohio’s state champion for the NEA’s Poetry Out Loud competition and represent Cleveland at the Brave New Voices festival & National Poetry Slam.

She is the author of the chapbook “Slaying With No Dents in My Afro” & when she’s not nurturing her ongoing love/hate affair with Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix, she’s coaching her College’s CUPSI team which she founded in 2013.

Her work appears in Chicago Literati Magazine & in the TEDx Talk she gave in 2015 which has been featured by The Huffington Post – Black Voices & For Harriet. Currently, she is working on the manuscript to “Star Trek Through/Out Depression”

A newlygrad who finished her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from the College of Wooster in 2016, Caira is headed to teach poetry, performance theory and English at Ashesi University in Ghana, West Africa.

Co Editor-in-Cheif

Brittany Rogers

is trying to survive being a mother/educator/poet/Hufflepuff with her glitter and inner church girl intact. She gets joy from working with youth and dying her hair colors that black girls aren’t “supposed” to have.

Brittany was most recently on FreshWater Wordsmiths National Slam team, who placed 5th in group piece finals. She has work published or forthcoming in Mothers Always Write Journal, MoJo Anthology, undr_scr review, and Eunoia Review. Brittany lives and works in her hometown of Detroit, and plans to do so forever.

The Table Editor

Ajanae Dawkins

is a Michigan and New York Native. She is on a full scholarship for her poetry at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is the writer and actor of her her one woman show, Atlantic, and other collaborative theatre projects.

Recently, She has been published in undr_scr review, the blueshift journal, and word riot. Her work has also been featured on For Harriet, and Button Poetry. She is currently acting as a Teaching Artist in Madison Wisconsin, in conjunction with finishing her degrees.

Ajanae has spent the past year living in Spain and Morocco, learning Spanish and Arabic, while conducting research on the role of God in feminism, and perfecting the art of being a care-free Black girl. The only thing she believes in more than poems is the transformative power of Christ.

Kirwyn Sutherland

Lists and Reviews Editor

Was born in Philadelphia to a native Philadelphian momma and a daddy from the Island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Growing up Caribbean-American in Philly included, marathon cricket matches, marathon visits to Grandma’s house, oxtails/curry chicken/curry goat/dumplings, a dad whose accent you couldn’t hear but everybody else could, and good grades or it’s over. Kirwyn ridiculously decided to study Molecular Biology in college and wound up finding some magic in how many layers of meaning a cell could have. College also taught him racism was really really a thing which led to some BLAAAACK poems. Kirwyn harnessed all of the anger from micro and macro-aggressions and used it to try to create poems that would heal himself or hopefully someone else. Currently, he is on a journey to find a consistent happiness no matter what space he is in. You can catch him slamming or editing or chilling with some cool peeps.