Ryan Pearson

“Know when to hold and fold” (know when it’s time to open your mouth and when it’s best to keep quiet)


“A hard head makes a soft ass”


Me: it’s not fair!

Mommy: “I never told you life was gonna be fair, now figure out what’s next”


“Love comes from God. Don’t be afraid to love”.


Ryan was born and raised in Detroit, MI, home of Motown and the Motor City. She has been a Theatre Artist since she was 12 years old, and has been in love with different art forms her entire life. Ryan obtained a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Michigan, recently completed her Master’s in Theatre Arts at UC Santa Cruz, and has worked professionally in arts education, Film/TV and Theatre. Ryan joined Performing Arts Workshop to combine her passion for the arts with crucial social justice initiatives; and believes that art is a learning, teaching and healing tool for all.

Outside of work, Ryan loves to read and write, is a major connoisseur of film/TV, and a coffee addict. She is also a proud, card carrying member of the BeyHive. Ryan loves celebrating Black culture, fiercely fights against ideals of antiblackness, battles systemic racism, promotes body positivity, and believes the children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way. She currently resides in Oakland, CA.