Brit EmmAshe

Brit is a trained artist (Paint/Draw/Print Media) & untrained cake designer who landed in Chicago ten years ago to attend the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. After teaching for a year in the Chicago public school system she found that she wasn’t living the creative life that she was meant to live.

^^this is a cake, fam^^

And while she absolutely adored her students, she chose cake life over teaching life and then chose independent cake life over commercial bakery life because there isn’t any space for creativity when you’re working on some one else’ assembly line. At the moment she works as an independent artist and as a contract designer for Laine’s Bakeshop in Morgan park, IL.

‘I live for the creative process. An excerpt from “Art Is a Spiritual Path” reads: ‘I believe that the Creative Source is encoded in our DNA such that if we resist too long, our body makes images out of it’s raw material by tumors, rashes, pain, and quantities of gelatinous body fat”- I totally agree, our creative selves are our healthiest selves.

As a person living with anxiety and manic depression having an creative is important and amazing.  I also love that my studio experience has made a bit of a comeback spilling over into culinary. There’s nothing more satisfying than building off of a single theme or idea and creating an amazing (edible) piece of art.  Cake, much like paint, ink, and charcoal, feels like an artistic medium to me and I just want to continue experimenting and creating with it.’


IG @Cakesbybii