Anthony Febo

I recognize my work uses superhero’s as the main talking point, but for me it is more about what they represent than who they actually are. You do not have to know anything about Captain America to see that he is patriotic, or know anything about Wolverine to know he is a bit of an animal.

In working with an idealized version of these characters, I am able to use them to communicate the pressures we put on ourselves.

Most days you can catch Febo on stage or in front of a classroom involved with poetry one way or the other. On the other days however, he is definitely walking up and down the toy aisle of Target, at a thrift store, or in his studio. After working at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston for the last three years and talking to teenagers about the art in the galleries, he started to develop a sense for what he liked and what he didn’t. Now, Febo intertwines the way he see’s these superhero’s in in an idealized way and the he see’s the world in a socially conscious way to start a dialogue about the two.