Black Venus

Did It Hurt? 

Did it hurt to say I love you?

And when our bodies pressed together

Did you feel friction?

Did I mistake your silence for comfort

while your thoughts knotted themselves into a choker?

Did you gag on your own truth?

And did letting go bring you relief?

Did it stop hurting?

Were you counting down the moments?

Do the moments before that still count?

And when the moments ran out

was that everything you’d hoped for?

Did you find healing in our demise?

Joy in our destruction?

Were you drowning?

Was it that bad?

Has the water finally left your lungs?

Black Venus grew up surrounded by artists and educators. They are a renaissance, finding liberation in balancing different art forms including, but never limited to, poetry, theater, and music. The art of Black Venus centers their experience as a queer black female-bodied individual born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from creating, Black is an active community organizer. They collaborate with fellow artists on programming that aims to dismantle oppression and promotes healing through creative practices. For more information about the art of Black Venus, future performances and/or community events you can follow them on Twitter/IG @blackv3nus or visit their website For performance and collaboration inquiries email