Alex – the Wonder/Gem of Ghana’s Art Scene


It’s too easy. Watch how Alex Wondergem lives up to his name by producing short films and music (below) that takes the veil off of Ghana’s rich culture and allows the rest of us to witness the beauty, grit, and promise that lives within the country.

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Messages of Hope (EP) is about finding truth, my reality. I found it through art. Each creation speaks and reveals a message that leads to the next chapter. In a way it’s a diary of my journey for the past four years. It’s a record of my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Life is more than what we’ve been taught and this is my journey.

Love to the Most High!


A film by Alex Wondergem  & Adu Lalouschek

Warrior’s Gym is a 5-minute documentary that explores the daily life of Ghana’s strongest man and gym owner – Warrior. Warrior created the gym out of recycled local material and motivates the group of loyal bodybuilder’s that use it. We get a personal snapshot of an inspired man.

Interview W/Alex:

Q: What do you want the world to Know about Ghana’s Strongest Man / the gym / or simply Ghana, that wasn’t captured in the above film?

A: The documentary happened because my film pattern, Adu, and I were working out [at the gym] while we were shooting our documentary Scrap Metal Men (bellow). After building a relationship with Warrior, we decided to put a short documentary together. We just liked his vibe and what he had going on.

Q: Tell us how your EP Messages Of Hope 2012-16 came to be, from first inspirations to final touches.

A: Messages Of Hope 2012-16 was inspired by the people who enjoyed my music. It was something I did for fun and just to experiment. I would make music and overlay a narration of a video I had just watched. Gradually, over the years, I had a couple short music pieces that had a message. Reflecting over the tracks, they were messages of my then current state of consciousness. I decided to put them together and make a project out of it.

Q: What’s the next step for you and your artistry? Can we expect more inspirational content?

A: I’m not sure what the next step is but I’m always experimenting and creating within the realms of film and audio. I really enjoy collaborating with other individuals. The fusion outcome of the work is what keeps me going. I’m always excited to see how it turns out.

Q: WusGood is dedicated to exploring what it is like to be black in the world. How do you see your identity and how is it being you in the world?

A: I grew up the notion that I was “mix-raced”. I was raised by a Dutch father and Ga mother. I’m a blend of both. People have a hard time identifying with that. I usually tell people I’m Ghanaian then explain my Dutch side. Being me in the world is pretty chill, always meeting beautiful people and creating memorable moments.

Q: Hip us to some artist (visual, audio, other) that we should be listening to and watching out for.

A: Kwa Mena, go check him out, he’s only getting started. We need more youth in the music scene like him. We need some woke shit asap:

Listen to Ghana School


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