Nedah Odin

 A word from Urban black folks are who are making your memes , inspiring
your facebook stats, helping you cleverly word your tweets— get into us — and deal)

A Facebook Status

Ok look here MethAnne, what you NOT gon fuckin do on today is whine all up on a black woman’s page on this lowkey but really highkey micro-aggressive as fuck bullshit about wanting to cultivate her strength.. guess what, Becky..? You and your oily sociopathic people are the reason we’ve had to build up these deep wells of resilience in the FIRST motherfucking place.. if ya’ll had stayed in ya’ll’s irrelevant filthy backwards ass lanes instead of building a fucking global empire in the backs of black people [[ how the fuck you gon name us one of the most negative words in your fucking language you sociopathic fucks..? Degrade our continent on the world stage and rape it for hundreds of fucking years, throwing dirt on everything that it is to be African and then expecting us to feel bad for your ass now that your sky is falling..?! ]] there wouldn’t be an assumption/perception of endless boundless magical fucking strength.. stayed filthy and stinking and diseased in your small sad cloudy lil corner of the damn world and left all of the rest of us on this planet the fuck alone.. but ya’ll fucking couldn’t, and now we’re trapped up in this ugly corrupt ass system with ya’ll stank asses, and there isn’t even anywhere we can go to escape it because ya’ll spread it to the whole fucking world.. you got us fucked up, Gertude..

first let me burst this fucking bubble.. this shit is not fucking endless.. it comes with an incredible, constant strain and pressure on the mental health.. but when we’re fucking sick and angry, you pathologizing us.. but you want our fucking STRENGTH, Hermione..? Please get the fuck out forever and ever and never bring your ass to another black woman’s space to complain about your dim little life and your coddled fucking feelings and your collectively weak ass cinstitutions as hwites.. ok..? We don’t give a fuck.. white people don’t give a fuck about people of color, and they ESPECIALLY don’t give a fuck about Africans.. literally not one single fuck.. almost all of the fucking pain we endure is a DIRECT RESULT of you, and fucking whiteness, and western culture, and globalized white supremacy, and most of all by white people just fucking burdening us with ya’lls presence in general.. AND GOT THE NERVE TO OPPRESS US TOO.. and oppress anyone who is not a straight white cis man, and fight as hard and as strong as you know how to keep these systems intact so they can continue keeping a bloody dirty boot on the neck of four fifths of the global population.. fuck wrong with you..?!

our fucking strength.. how bout you eat a dick Helga..? You don’t want this strength because you’re too much of a coward to endure and survive what it takes to develop it.. you don’t want to bleed and fight and cry and die for this strength.. be tortured, physically and psychologically, for centuries, until we see ourselves as LESS THAN YOU..!! because your lazy unimaginative savage ancestors decided you wanted everything that everyone else had and you didn’t give a FUCK who you had to slaughter and brainwash and enslave and stand on top of to get to it.. gimme a gotdamnit break, okay..? Take a fucking Xanax, ok, and breathe through that shit because I personally don’t care what you’re going through.. you ain’t got shit on my liberation from your white fuckery and your white American shit machine so you can miss me with the fuckin dramatics..

let me go roll this weed up because I have honestly had it all the way up to my gotdamnit synapses with ya’ll motherfucking asses, Helen.. all the way up to there.. ya’ll stay wanting something from us, our fucking bodies, our labor, our asses, our pussies, our dicks, our hips, our slang, our music, our art, our fucking blood, our knowledge, our food, our lips, our melanin, our gotdamnit magic, but ya’ll draw a hard white line between consuming us and respecting us, or seeing us, or recognizing who the fuck we are.. ya’ll came from US, you pale ungrateful dustmite, every flavorful thing you have you stole from us and from our other fucking children and imma need you all to have every seat.. like every one that ever fucking existed.. the newest gotdamnit humans out and ya’ll wanna act like ya’ll made this fucking planet shake.. ya’ll ain’t made shit but mayonnaise flavored damnit suffering.. for every fuckin body who ain’t mayo flavored.. fuck you.. my strength.. get stuffed, Miriam.. we don’t have time to listen to your white ass problems over our gotdamn oppression..

ya’ll already on niggas’ nerves because ya’ll silly asses proved you’ll sink the whole damnit planet to preserve this raggedy motherfucker called whiteness.. don’t come begging us for our sympathy to.. we don’t fucking got it for you.. ask my big momma why.. and her big momma.. and her big momma.. and her big momma.. and hers.. and hers too.. and then when you get done you can ask hers too.. you couldn’t handle this fucking curse, this ‘strength’, and you don’t deserve the fucking gifts either.. Miss Middle Age America lookin ass.. smfh..


 another word from wusgood. Black – this status went viral.
As it should have. She deserves to be heard. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.