kiki nicole | On Gender


name a ghost.
call it Girl.
name a body
name a weapon.
say pussy.

say it to her face.

now apologize for misgendering my pussy.

the moon & my pussy use they/them pronouns.

or u can call us bitch.
or u can call us nigga, i guess.
(the moon is black too)
the moon & i smile,
see, we smart.
we know most of u can’t call us that—
we on some trick shit,
wear lipstick
& orbit on beats 2 & 4

name a body.
call it a knife
say Girl,

i call myself a boi & no one understands. i admit
i don’t quite follow my own damn self.
still i Fire
soft & sharp toothed boi.
i take Happy
& wear it around my waist.
i woo myself

i sing my pussy to anyone who will listen
but it sings back Blk

my blk body makes a home of my mouth.
we blk hole sun.
to have a body & not be able to pass
for anything other than blk & woman-

you runnin yet?
don’t worry. It’s fine.
most people do.
it’s nothing we ain’t used to.

i ghost while still inside this body.


In which my blk body goes blue//becomes something other than a body or
becomes Woman//
again//becomes recognizable & Easy to Understand
in which without a body                      I become a person