2017 Detroit Youth Slam Team


The 2017 Detroit Youth Poetry Slam Team is a part of the InsideOut Literary Arts Project.  Learn more about InsideOut HERE!

InsideOut:  After displaying masterful skill and extraordinary bravery on stage during three separate poetry slams, five phenomenal young finalists received the highest scores of this year’s competition – thus becoming the 2017 Detroit Youth Slam Team. All of them are members of Citywide Poets, an award-winning afterschool program created by InsideOut Literary Arts Project.

Proud to represent the Motor City, this Detroit Team will compete at the 20th Annual Brave New Voices (BNV) International Youth Poetry Slam Festival in San Francisco this summer on July 18-22

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WusGood Staff:  These 5 beautiful black beings are not just ‘youth poets’, they are the voices of their hoods.  Poetry slams get all of us excited – we hope to show the world wusgood by scoring a perfect 30 on the big stage, but this youth squad isn’t just spitting for the points. The point is sharing a piece of their lives with the world.  The point is liberating complete strangers.  The point – as they say at BNV – is not the point, its the poetry.

Whats more is this team is coached by WusGood founder Siaara Freeman and WusGood editor Justin Rogers.  They’ve already begun practicing with the squad and admit, “I wish I was half this good at their age.”

WusGood is honored to contribute to the team’s fundraising efforts.  Yall – WusGood offers free submissions and blesses the world with literary & artistic blackness weekly, but its time to tap them wallets.  As we expand our brand, we want to expand our influence.  Your support with this team is going to help us reach and influence a younger generation of creators.  WusGood is privileged to have the opportunity to assist InsideOut in growing this team and is committed to getting Detroit to the Bay!

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The 2017 Detroit Youth Poetry Slam Team