Itiola Jones’ Top 5 Snacks




  1. Pizza: Pizza is what love looks like when it is honest & unashamed & delicious. Arguably the very reason why I moved to New York was so I could get $1 at any time of the day and night. Pizza is the perfect snack: delicate crunchy bread but soft billows of goodness on top, brushed over with tomato sauce (not too sweet though), sprinkled on top of that is parmesan cheese, and adorned with any of your favorite toppings. My life is better every day for whoever made pizza possible.


  1. Doritos Cool Ranch: My staple chips. My main girl. My right hand. May no one fix their mouth to say Nacho Cheese is better because they were led astray in their life. And they probably put sugar on their grits. It’s just a rule of thumb with Doritos Cool Ranch is the most superior of all the Doritos. In order to eat them properly you must shake the bag around from the bottom because the chips with the most sprinkles live in the bottom.


  1. Kettle Corn (specifically from CVS): Lord, forgive me. I could live off this one snack for the rest of my life and never feel any kind of shame about it. It’s gotten to the point that the CVS down the street from my apartment literally runs out within days of restocking. Once, I ate a whole bag in less than five minutes. Just kept shoveling it in my mouth. I love this particular kettle corn brand because it’s more sweet than salty, but still is mixed with salty pieces, so the end result is a brief parade of joy in every fistful / mouthful.


  1. Trail Mix with M&M’s: Salty. Sweet. Savory. And I get to lie to myself that it’s healthy because it has nuts and dried fruit in it. What else could a girl ask for…?


  1. Hummus with everything: Hummus is this magical dip of Mediterranean origin in which anything you dip into it is immediately baptized in a delightful whirlpool of brilliance. There is nothing that hummus cannot make better. This is science & religion & facts only, b!