A Brief interview with founder Siaara Freeman and Truth teller extraordinaire, Nedah


Siaara Freeman:

why this almost as perfect as you?

ok, can i get a quick interview with you about it

just like three questions


Nedah Oyin:

Go ‘head..

Also 😊😊😊

Siaara Freeman: so when you wrote this, around how many times did it get shared and what demographic did most of the sharing?

Nedah Oyin:i don’t know how much it got shared, the original post went viral and several reposts went viral, and at least one article was written on it and several blogs picked it up from there.. one post i saw had tens of thousands of shares.. the folks who shared it the most, and who responded directly to me the most, were black women..

Siaara Freeman: that part

thats what i knew—good

also, who responded with the most anger?

i have went viral a few times so i know how ones inbox looks after that

what was the best and worst responsehow did you feel was it like

lol ???–or overwhelmed —or proud? Cus like f**k you, but they hear me, soooo??

Nedah Oyin: black men responded to me with anger the most,.. there were two or three of them in my inbox calling me all kinds of black bitches and saying i was racist.. i did see some black women come for me too, on shares and posts i got tagged in..it felt pretty ‘meh’ because i drag regularly, but it was sobering that it struck an instant chord in THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people.. overnight it had gone completely viral.. literally overnight..

Siaara Freeman: its like you wake up and its snowing visibility? Amirite? its pretty bad ass. what exactly prompted the postoutside of the obvious ?

Nedah Oyin: a white woman kept posting on a black woman’s page that she wished she had our strength and refused to stop repeating it when several black women told her what she was saying was offensive and inappropriate.. i got a message in my inbox and went and peeped the thread and had a ‘hell nah’ moment and went off..

Siaara Freeman: I AM NOT SURPRISEDBECKY TRIED IT so, how did it feel being facebook punishedwhat were you thoughts? did you know who reported you? why do you think you were reported?

Nedah Oyin: I get banned a lot.. I was on this page because I was on a thirty day ban on my personal page.. I stay saying some slick shit about oppressive folks and getting reported.. I also have no idea who did it, just that it happened the night I went viral.. I was reported cuz ninjas be salty, I guess.. white people don’t like to associate themselves with anything having to do with whiteness itself and some black people have deep Stockholm syndrome..

Siaara Freeman: oh, i do agree with this entirely, what would you tell the person who reported you, if you could tell them anything?

Nedah Oyin: I don’t know honestly.. it would depend on who it was.. it’s layers to it, different people have different motivations.. but ‘stop snitching’ first and foremost.. lol.